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Market analysis. Partners search and selection. Assistance in buying and selling businesses. Statistics.
Company registration and launch. Representing the company. Expo activity
Logistics. Business trips. Trainings

Personal escort

Personal escort.

We present escort services in Russia.

Our services:

- Personal escort in trips to Russia.

- Airport / railway station transfer.

- Personal escort at business meetings and negotiations.

- Routing ( Moscow, Russia)

- Invitation to Russia ( service package)

- Hotel / apartments reservation

- Excursions

Price: on request.


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Элида Травел Компани. Индивидуальный и корпоративный отдых. Погода в Эстонии. Погода в Таллинне

Элида Травел Компани. Индивидуальные и корпоративные туры. Погода в Литве. Погода в Вильнюсе

Элида Травел Компани. Индивидуальный и корпоративный туризм. Погода в Латвии. Погода в Риге

Russia, 105064, Moscow, Pokrovka str. 50/2, building. 5, 1st floor, office 4. (Metro Kurskaya or Krasnie Vorota); tel.:+7 (495) 608 30 52, +7 (916) 686 83 55; e-mail: info@elida.ru